St. Mary’s Church in Dallinghoo is a well-maintained 14th century church with, unusually, the tower at the east end of the church. In the past there was a chancel that was situated to the east as well as the west but it collapsed and very little can be seen nowadays. The church has an interesting Tudor pulpit and a lovely stained glass window at the east end.

Its wide nave is spanned by a shallow arch-braced roof and the base of the tower serves as the chancel. The 18th century communion rails have twisted balusters and fluted gate-posts. The pulpit dates from the mid-17th century and rises from a short stem of bunched scrolls. There are flattened acanthus scrolls at the angles. 

The large 19th century window may have been inserted in the eastern arch when the collapsed east chancel was removed. The highly coloured window glass is by Albert Moore. 

It is the largest Church in the benefice, seating around 200.

Churchwardens of St Mary's - Dallinghoo:

Charlotte Sullivan

Parish Email contact:

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